A community and meeting place for active people.


Why do we do this?

Sport and fitness have always been close to our hearts. Carolina grew up in the ski court and Tim at the football field, so we know how much joy and fellowship sport brings. A few years ago we both moved to Stockholm and realized how hard it is to meet new people, especially to work out with, and the idea behind TROOPR was born.


  • Our Mission +

    We have met some of our best friends through sports and it wasn't until we moved to a new city we realized how difficult it was to connect and meetup with people at my location, meeting new people is hard. Today, 46% of all adults under 40 feel lonely, and people are more sedentary than ever. In addition, the most common place for making friends is at work and as more and more workplaces leans toward a remote setup, this issue will only increase. Both loneliness and sedentary are contributing factors to mental illness. By Troopr, we want to be a part of battling this.


    The use of fitness takes the drama and scariness of meeting up with someone new away, it doesn’t feel as desperate, and the objective is only to get a joint workout and/or have fun. If there is a connection among the connects or some of the attendees of an activity on the workout market, you can continue the conversation after the activity. We believe it is the ultimate ice breaker that fits the most amount of people, no matter your background or culture.

What makes TROOPR great?

Meeting apps in all honor, they are great, but... We hope to be different.


Not Awkward

For Everyone

Today’s meeting apps are very poor at converting to real life meetups. We use shared interest of activities/sports to increase meetups and bring people from the digital space to reality.

Imagine meeting up with a new potential friend for a dinner, I can see you shiver in awkwardness already. Fitness activities have a fixed start and end date, no connection? No problem.

TROOPR is for everyone. We all need to exercise in some shape or form. Whether it is calm walks, action packed padel games or long runs. We are here to connect you with others on your level

A meeting app unlike anything you have seen before. Workout, meet new people, stay healthy. Join the TROOPR community and and get active!


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